Verizon Reps Send Us Referrals

Verizon Reps enter your lead this way:

You can submit your leads to VOIP2320 through PRM

-    Open VzSFA

-    Choose the customer you want to submit from your funnel

-    Select Options > Submit lead to Partner

-    Choose "Pangea Systems dba VOIP2320 - Resale" from the partner dropdown and complete all required information.

Reach Your M2M Quota Faster!

Your current customers and new prospects are beginning to realize that cloud computing is reshaping the economics and total cost of ownership (TCO) of business applications. VOIP2320 is now able to provide all these integrated solutions over 4G LTE

VOIP2320's Platinum Distribution Level provides M2M applications with both CradlePoint® and Peplink® Routers to terminate the 4G LTE network at discount levels you cannot get from other providers. Customers needing M2M solutions VOIP2320 can pretty much do it all

VOIP2320 can also provide your customers all their business phone system needs from multiple locations to remote users any place in the world all connected and managed over the internet with no downtime. 

With the VOIP2320  solutions your customer gets one bill and one point of contact for all their M2M and voice communications needs.  You then get the M2M credit for every new connection we make, helping you reach your M2M quota!

So, start today by completing the lead in your Verizon PRM  We will then contact your customer and keep your referral account updated as we work with them to close the deal! Then, we will train and support them 24/7/365, so you don’t have to.

Below is paperwork about VOIP2320 Phone Service that can be emailed or printed and left with customers. 

 VOIP2320 Enterprise Phone System:

VOIP2320 Top 10 Reasons to go with hosted phone system:

   VOIP2320 Cost Savings White Paper:

   VOIP2320 Sales Process and Detail Questions:


VOIP2320 M2M Solutions:

VOIP2320 Email Template:

VOIP2320 Simple Qualifying Questions: